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Welcome to Cared4Fest Wisconsin! 

When: August 15th, 2022 

Where: Kilkarney Hills Golf Club, River Falls WI

Golf  -  Yard Olympics  - Live Music  -  Party  -  Donate  -  Sponsor 


Are you ready for the most epic golf tournament & yard party

Cared4Cup Signature Golf Tournament

Golf Balls

$844 - Coach Flight (8 Golfers) 

  •  Just Golf 

  • 3 Charitable Points  

$1,244 - Business Class Flight (8 Golfers) 

  • Dinner included 

  • 6 Charitable Points  

  • Add ons available (Drinks/Private Staff/Sponsorship/Signage/Points) 

Golf Good Celly .JPG

$2,444 - 1st Class Golf Flight (8 VIP Players)   

  • 2 Private Staff (Official Pilot & Flight Attendant)

  • Food Pass (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) & 16 Drink Tickets

  • Business/Group/Hole/Yard Olympics Sponsor (signage included)

  • Website Recognition SM Plugs 

  • 11 Charitable Points

How it works

How Golf Works:

  • Exciting Team Format: Our signature format was set up to create a setting for businesses/groups to socialize, entertain & play with & against each other, all in a charitable and very competitive golf event.  


  • 8 Person Party/Teams: Build your own private group. We are searching for leaders (one person or business), who will coordinate a team/group of 8 golfers to represent their group/business to play in the Cared4Cup Charitable Golf Tournament. We recommend you find golfers who are competitive, fun, social & charitable. Golf scores only account for 25% of the score, so we recommend you coordinate a well rounded team. 


  • Point Play: We have developed a point play system that allows players of all levels to score and win in many ways, in order to keep players engaged & involved throughout the day.  


  • Flexx Play: groups can choose their format of play & scoring

    • Formats: 2 person scramble or 4 person scramble (standard format play)

    • Scoring (Ways To Win)  

      • Stroke Play Only

      • Point & Stroke Play

Scoring & More Ways To Win:

We have introduced a point play system to allow all golfers the chance to compete, engage and win. We also made the scoring Flexxible (optional) so groups can choose how they play, score and win. Our vision is to get groups to compete in our unique, fun, social, and exciting new golf format & tournament, while also allowing more social groups to choose a less structured and more traditional format.   


Win as an individual, team of 2, team of 4, or a team of 8

  • Flexx scoring options for 2 person scramble will consist of 

    • Individual point play - Score 44 points and win chance to win $4400 

    • 2 person team stroke play & point play 

    • *4 person team stroke play & point play  

    • *8 person team stroke & point play 

*We add the groups/teams of 2 per teams scores up for a total score    


Flight Scoring (Groups of 8) - Flights earn points in 4 different categories  

  • 44 points total 

    • Charitable Donations = 11 points possible 

      • $2444+ donations equals 11 points 

    • Socially Respectful, Kind & Considerate = 11 points possible 

    • Socially Fun & Exciting: = 11 points possible 

(Same uniforms, costumes, best picture(s), stay and enjoy after golf festivities)

  • Golf Scores: = 11 points for golf scores 

    • 2 points for individual score(s)  

    • *2 to 4 points for 2 person team score

    • *2 to 4 points for 4 person team score

    • *2 to 4 points for 8 person team score

*4 Points for 1st place win & 2 points for any team in top 4 of scoring. 

Winners of golf and overall social scores will earn free entry into Cared4Cup Jocktoberfest along with other great prizes.

Yard Olympics

Picking Up Frisbee




10 Competitive 
Yard Games 

Play on your own time against other teams. Earn points during bracket play by playing & winning games. Teams with most points at end of seeding play earn higher seeds.

$44 Donation Per Player 

Yard Olympics Team Tournament Play 

-8 to 10 different games to compete in in order to find the best overall yard team in Wisconsin. 

- 2.5 hours of social/seeding play (play on own time against other teams) 

- Earn points for playing & for winning 

- Followed by playoff bracket elimination play.

Best of 3 series   

Live Entertainment

Live Music 

Tim Sigler

Tim Sigler has quickly became a crowd favorite with country fans throughout the upper Midwest.  They've been a featured act at numerous festivals such as: Country Fest, Country Jam, Winstock, Grand Old Day, etc--Along with countless bars, fairs, private parties, and street dances across the USA

Tim Sigler.webp

$14,44 donation provides you access to all music and entertainment

Schedule of Events

9:30 Golf Tournament Start
3:30 Yard Olympics Start 
3:30 Music & BBQ

Ways to donate & support   

Sponsor or Donate 

  • Donate money to event 

  • Donate money to families

  • Sponsor event 

Signature Invitational Golf Tournament 

  • $844 Coach Flight of 8

    • Just Golf​

  • $1244 Business Flight of 8 includes dinner  

  • $2444 VIP Private Flight of 8 Golfers & Hole Ownership

Play Yard Olympics

  • $44 per player entry (2 to 8 Players)  

  • $444 VIP Yard Olympic Team & Sponsor

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