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We take pride in having a personal connection with all our participants. We also enjoy customizing each groups experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your most popular golf package or offering?  

A: We highly recommend our Private VIP Flight. This allows you to control your group. You can pick your format & get private staff to make your experience a memorable one. The package also provides you or your business with hole ownership, allowing you to create your own presence at the hole. This option is great for businesses and groups who would like to entertain friends, staff or prospective clients.  

Q: Why do you offer multiple golf events & formats

A: Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere & get as many fun participants involved. We want to offer a social outing, but also take pride in providing a competitive environment. Our unique signature play includes both stroke & point play. This is played in a two person scramble format for people who enjoy a competitive twist, along with multiple ways to win. We also offer a standard four person scramble play, for those who prefer a typical golf outing. Our morning golf is individual play. Golfers will play their own ball in stroke play.

Q: How does the Yard Olympics work for teams & how many players do you recommend?

A: Teams need a minimum of 2 players, but can include up to 8 players on a roster. All games are generally 2 player games. During social/seeding play teams can play as many games as they choose to play. Teams with only 2 players on their team can only play one game at a time, where a team with 6 players could play 3 games at the same time vs other teams. There are many advantages of rostering 8 players.

1) Cost per player is much less than a 2 player team. 

2) Provides more opportunities to play more games, get more points and gain a higher seed in bracket play.

3) Provides opportunity for team/group bonding, as well as the ability to have game specialist during the playoff bracket play.  

4) The more the merrier


Having only 2 players provides the two players the ability to play every playoff bracket game. There is no need to decide who plays in what game during the bracket play. 

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